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If you are new to woodworking or want to expand your skill set to new tools, techniques or materials then these mini-sessions called “Woodworkers Boot Camp” are the ticket. Here we cover power tools, raw materials, fasteners, joinery methods and more. First we tap and organize a series of great videos that have been posted by others on YouTube. We then add our own tutorials specific to the woodworking (and metalworking) tools in our workshop and on certain techniques applied in our I DRAW YOU SAW and DROP-IN workshops. Sessions in this series are available as hands-on sessions in our Door County studios, at our off-site venues (TBA) and via our online series of tutorials.

Unlike most carpenters I am terrible at building things on the fly. I need drawings, dimensions, cut lists…. To overcome this weakness I rely on SketchUp, the free 3-D software. You will find SketchUp as the first step in all of the I DRAW YOU SAW and DROP-IN workshops. Since SketchUp is such a vital component to the design, materials lists, cut lists and illustrations for my projects I offer an entire series of SketchUp for Woodworkers workshops and tutorials including sessions on the free version of SketchUp (called SketchUp Make) and free version of SketchUp Viewer.

St Francis

I retired from building stuff for others so am no longer the “Laborer” in St. Francis’s quote. I do consider myself a “Craftsman” relative to certain woodworking techniques BUT do not consider myself an “Artist”. You would be the “Artist” in this scenario but maybe lack some of the skills, tools, etc to take on a project. So how about we merge our talents and passions to build some really cool stuff?


You come up with a project idea that meets the criteria listed below.  I draw it on SketchUp and then together we tweak it until it is ready for the chop saw. We open the discussion up to others that would like to watch the project unfold and may even attend the hands-on sessions in our Door County studios. I will provide the Materials List, Cut Lists and, where needed, will mentor you through the Making Sawdust and Assembly phases.


  1. The general design must be a “Post and Rail” so we can incorporate Tenons on Steroids©
  2. The aesthetics must be somewhat “rustic” but NOT the bulky humongous stuff 
  3. Must consist primarily of wood but the use of functional or aesthetic steel is encouraged
  4. Must be doable using the power tools in our Door County studio
  5. Forum volleys on the project page of this website will be seen as Read-Only by the general public.
  6. Forum Read and Write privileges will be available to folks Registered to monitor your project
  7. We will be videotaping and photographing much of the project activities so you will need to agree to the publishing of those videos on this website.

Note: I can only take on so many of these projects at any one time so I reserve the right to pick and choose.


Like most retired carpenters I continue to build stuff for fun, family, resale and (occasionally) for clients. What’s different is that I invite folks into my Door County, Wisconsin workshops to make sawdust together. These are called my “Drop-In Projects“. Folks that can’t attend here in Door County can still participate by via my series of online tutorials.

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